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Our PHN region covers more than 95,500 km2 and includes 10 local government areas. The size of our region means some people face significant challenges in accessing health care and we have identified transport for people living in rural areas as a priority.

We are working with services to improve access for older people living regionally who are seeking care.

Services We Fund

To improve access to services in our communities, we collaborate with the service providers below:

Regional transport

Regional Coordination and Client Transport Service

This service providers care coordination to assist client transport services in Goondiwindi for patients who need to attend primary health care appointments and are at risk of potentially preventable re-admission to hospital.

Our funded providers are:

  • Goondiwindi Regional Council coordinates access to health care for people who require specialised health care outside the Goondiwindi region.
  • Care Goondiwindi coordinates access to health care for people who live within the Goondiwindi region.

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Helpful Links and Resources

We've compiled a list of helpful links and resources for you to access.

For Health Professionals

The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS)

The PTSS provides financial assistance for eligible patients to access specialist medical services not available locally.

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For more information, please contact:

Jan Nunan
Lead - Strategy & Commissioning
07 3202 4433

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