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Full Time, Part Time, Casual or Contract - Including Room Only options

Location: East Toowoomba

Rewarding Work - Interesting and engaged patients. Practice your special interests – Diabetes, Menopause, Osteoporosis, complex Endocrine conditions, Gender Health, and more. Great Facilities - Recently renovated practice, modern and stylish, Loads of patients parking, in an establish and well known, fully occupied Specialist Medical Centre. Great Lifestyle - Flexibility, family friendly approach to work. Work Life Balance is in your control. Excellent Income - Activity based remuneration with billings paid directly to you. Practice Fees paid monthly. Additional income opportunities available within the area. Support and advice to get you started with huge potential to grow your income. No Shortage of Patients - Large catchment area for patients seeking care. High privately insured population. Promotion and opportunities to network with local GP’s and Specialists to build your brand. Practice Management - Professional management team. Scheduling, administration and all billings are managed by an experienced professional team. Office set up is included. Colleagues who care - Senior colleagues with years of clinical experience. CPD opportunities and ability to discuss cases with your colleagues. Credentialled Diabetes Educator on staff. For Details, contact Aiden Cook - General Manager.

For more information, contact Toowoomba Endocrine and Diabetes Pty Ltd at or 0438277739.