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Operations Manager, Southern Queensland Rural Health

Operations Manager, Southern Queensland Rural Health

Full Time

Location: Toowoomba

About This Opportunity

A highly regarded role and a member of the SQRH leadership team, your overarching responsibility will be to manage the operational and administrative functions of SQRH to ensure its organisational and financial sustainability.

Whilst SQRH operates within a complex environment involving a number of external constituent partners, your primary focus will be on the internal operations and processes (including quality control and improvement). You will be central to the ongoing development of a strong, unified and effective structure, culture and administration across a diverse range of activities within SQRH. To achieve this, you will require an overarching knowledge of all aspects of the organisation and University systems, along with the ability to problem solve and provide flexible alternatives and options.

This position requires a true commitment to improving access for rural and remote Australians to quality health services. You will be located in Toowoomba at the Baillie Henderson Hospital Campus, however travel to other campuses and sites may be necessary from time to time.

Position Description

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