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Are you on Qfinder?

November 12, 2018

Queensland Health are inviting service providers to join their Qfinder directory. This is a great opportunity to list any programs and services you provide for the community so that the 13HEALTH nurses, smart services and councillors are able to refer patients to these services.

This is a Queensland Health reference web site designed to help access a wide range of health and community services. QFinder lists a wide range of health and community services from the public, private and non-government sectors in Queensland. For example emergency departments, medical practices, disability services, oral health services, pharmacies, mental health services.

QFinder is a critical tool used by the Health Contact Centre, Smart Service Queensland (SSQ),Queensland Health employees and individual Queenslanders to locate appropriate health service providers based on a number of selectable search criteria.

Teletriage nurses working at the Health Contact Centre (HCC) refer callers to appropriate health providers as a result of a triage call; for this reason the accuracy of the high priority content covering all teletriage referral service providers is fundamental.

Individuals or businesses can register online with QFinder by clicking the link . The content is managed in such a way that service providers are reminded at 6 or 12 monthly intervals to review their details. Records within QFinder are predominantly self-managed by the service provider.

Please email, if you have any questions about the directory.

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