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Cancer Council offering Occupational Cancer GP Education Module

November 12, 2018

GP Education Module

  • Consists of eight sections; four of which focus on specific concerns
  • Accredited with RACGP ACRRM

Target Audience

  • Primary target audience: General Practitioners 
  • Secondary target audience: Practice nurses, OHS workers/managers, occupational hygienists 


To increase GP awareness of cancers that can be caused by work, and what carcinogens are present in the workplace currently and historically.


  • Doctors would seek to ask occupational questions of patients who present with a
  • (suspected) specific cancer known to have occupational causes i.e. what was their job and job tasks.
  • Be aware of potential carcinogen exposures related to that job.
  • Investigate these exposures and if there is a possibility that it could be linked to the cancer type presenting.
  • Gain a better understanding of the compensation process and the GPs role in it.


  • Doctors would seek to ask occupational questions of patients and noting patients jobs and potential carcinogens they could be exposed to in their current work/role (although not practical for every check-up, but keeping relatively up-to-date).
  • Providing the patient with information if they are potentially being exposed to a carcinogen in the workplace.
  • A better understanding of what a good occupational exposure history looks like.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify published lists of carcinogens.
  • Access published lists of carcinogens.
  • Describe how carcinogens are identified.
  • Write an exposure history and explain its use.
  • Define cancer clusters.
  • Name common types of occupational cancers, and identify the workplaces in which they are most prevalent.
  • Identify steps to take if an occupational cancer is suspected, or if your patient is being exposed to a carcinogen.


Approximately 1 hour to complete the entire module.

Access the Module 

The module can be found on the Cancer Council e-learning page here:

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