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Digital Health Update - Meet Dr Peter Sklavos

October 02, 2018

Meet Dr Sklavos: My Health Record Provider Champion


Toowoomba based GP believes that there are no reasons why fellow health professionals should not be introducing My Health Record into their practices.

Dr Peter Sklavos is currently the Principal GP of a practice based in Toowoomba. He began using My Health Record when it was first introduced and has continued to implement and use it throughout his practice.

“I find that My Health Record is very easily accessible and gives you the ability to immediately view information that is important for the patient such as allergies,” he said.

“My Health Record provides you with immediate information that you wouldn’t otherwise have when relying solely on paper based records.”

“I believe that My Health Record benefits the entire health system as a whole. It gives you the opportunity to reduce costs for duplicated medical procedures.”

Dr Sklavos has witnessed first-hand how having a My Health Record can assist patients.

One of his patients expressed in one of her initial appointments that she would like her allergy to Kiwi Fruit to be recorded in her My Health Record. Months later, the patient experienced a severe allergic reaction and by the time she arrived at the hospital, she was unable to communicate her allergies to the ED clinicians due to the anaphylactic response. Luckily, the hospital was able to view her allergies on her My Health Record and initiate the appropriate care. The patient was then discharged the next day.

Dr Sklavos thoroughly believes that My Health Record benefits all involved and will continue to encourage his patients and fellow health professionals to get involved.


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