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GP Profile: Dr Sudheera Edirisinghe

August 16, 2018

Meet Dr Sudheera Edirisinghe. Originally from England, Sudheera now lives in Ipswich with his wife and two children. Having started out as an Emergency Department doctor, Sudheera made the switch to general practice in 2010 and is now the owner of Winston Glades Family Practice where he happily practices as a GP. 


How long have you been practicing in the West Moreton region?

I have been practicing as a GP in the West Moreton Region for 8 years. I originally started as an Emergency Doctor at Ipswich General Hospital in 2008 and made the move to general practice in 2010.

What draws you to live/work in Ipswich?

I came from England for better quality of life without any research about the area. Since doing so, I have found it to be a fantastic place to live and raise the family.  

What made you choose to become a GP rather than podiatrist, physio or Allied Health professional and what do you love about the profession?

Continuity of care and having ownership for the health of an individual and their family as well as  variety of clinical exposure.  The challenging nature of the job was also appealing as you never know what kind of clinical problems you are going to see next.  

In relation to primary healthcare, what are you most optimistic about?

For me, the most optimistic feature in Healthcare on the horizon is rapidly improving information technology and how we can use it to improve quality of care. 

Are there any particular initiatives or items of interest that you have implemented in your practice that you would like to share with your peers?

We recently moved our practice to a purpose built, modern, state of the art medical centre. Here, we highly consider efficiency, safety, quality medical equipment, nice working environment for doctors and staff working for longer hours. Also, we make special effort to keep our patients in a comfortable, safe and enjoyable environment while they wait for treatment.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

With my wife, she knows what I want!  

If you were to describe yourself using an animal, which animal would you be and why?

A Dog! Dogs are so grateful to people who look after them. (I know how grateful Oscar is- our beautiful Kings Charles Cavalier we got 2 years ago)

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