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New Darling Downs Health Referral Forms released

October 15, 2018

Darling Downs Health has recently updated their forms for referring patients to their services. 

The updated forms are listed below: 

  • DDHHS Mental Health Service Referral Form
  • DDHHS EEG Request Form
  • DDHHS Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Referral Form
  • DDHHS Toowoomba Hospital Urology Service Referral Form
  • DDHHS Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic Referral Form
  • DDHHS Rapid Access TIA Clinic Referral Form
  • DDHHS Geriatric Adult Rehabilitation and Stroke Service (GARSS) Outpatient Referral Form

The forms are currently in PDF form however we are working on updating these forms to RTF for Best Practice and Medical Director. 

You can access the forms on our Referral Forms page

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