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New nutrition resource available for general practice

November 12, 2018

NutriCare is a simple, low-cost intervention that supports patients, GPs and Practice Nurses raise the topic of nutrition during consultations. It uses evidence-based, non-controversial nutrition messages to help GPs and nurses feel confident with nutrition and raise this important topic with patients. NutriCare was made available through research funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

NutriCare has six components:

For patients: 

  1. text message sent on the day of the consultation, reminding patients, in simple language, that their GP/PN cares about their diet. 
  2. nutrition fact sheet that patients will receive from the medical receptionist on arrival at the clinic.
  3. video in the waiting room encouraging patients to raise the topic of nutrition with their GP/PN during their consultation. 

For GPs and Practice Nurses:

  1. Two desk cards that showcase questions they can ask to raise the topic of nutrition during consultations. 
  2. poster about nutrition on the wall in their consultation room that displays the same two messages in the nutrition fact sheet for patients.
  3. video shown in a clinic staff meeting that presents other GPs and PNs role modelling discussing nutrition with patients. 

Who developed NutriCare?

Dr Lauren Ball from Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland has led a team over the last four years, through her NHMRC Research Fellowship. Researcher backgrounds include general practice, medicine, nursing, nutrition & dietetics, public health, epidemiology, statistics and health economics.

How to access NutriCare? 

NutriCare is available for FREE with GP clinics around Australia. Please contact Dr Lauren Ball directly to access and for more information.

Further information?

To access NutriCare in your practice, contact Dr Lauren Bell by clicking here.

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