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You can help to prevent COPD exacerbations

July 12, 2018

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) exacerbations are the second leading cause ofpreventable hospitalisations in Australia1. Research shows that your patients with COPD are morelikely to have an exacerbation (flare-up of symptoms) during the winter months.

‘Have the CHAT’ is Lung Foundation Australia’s COPD exacerbation campaign for primary care
health professionals, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to keep their
patients well and out of hospital during winter. It encourages them to complete a simple six step
checklist for each patient with COPD, here.

Now is also a great time to CHAT with your patients about the symptoms of an exacerbation,

  • Coughing more than usual
  • Harder to breathe than usual
  • Any change in sputum (phlegm) colour and/or volume
  • Tired more than usual (less active).

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a suite of evidence-based resources to support health
professionals in timely identification and management of COPD exacerbations.

Find out more at or phone freecall 1800 654 301. 

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