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Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) - Support Payments

January 10, 2023

As part of the transition to AGPT, general practices will need to register online with Services Australia to be able to receive their training support payments from the beginning of 2023. AGPT program participants can now add their bank account details to their PRODA/HPOS account.

The next step in the registration process is to enter your bank account details into the Service Australia PRODA/Organisation Register system. This functionality has been available since 19 December 2022.

For registrars and supervisors

1. Log in to your PRODA account with your user name and password.
2. From the HPOS screen, under My Linked Services, select 'Go to Services’ button.
3. User logs in as individual.
4. Select My details (dark purple tile), then select My Personal Details.
5. Select My Banking.
6. My Banking Details screen displays.
7. Select GPTP from list and select add.
8. Add banking details screen displays, Program details will populate. Location and Location ID fields will not populate as GPTP banking details are added against provider stem not location.
9. Select existing account if banking details previously recorded for another program in HPOS or select to Enter new account.
10. Please note – banking details will not be visible until the following day.

This module
will assist you to complete the registration process:

You can contact PRODA Support on:
• Phone: 1800 700 199 (8am-5pm AEST)
• Email:

For practices

Attributes and Delegations
A user will require a new attribute, HPOS Org Fin Admin, to enter financial details in the Organisation Register. This attribute alongside either, HPOS Org Admin or HPOS Org Site Admin, will provide two levels of permission, allowing a user to perform different tasks as follows:

1. HPOS Org Admin + HPOS Org Fin Admin = User can enter new bank account - not previously recorded in HPOS, and add a new payment instruction to a program. This attribute will be required in the first instance to add the new bank details for GPTP.
2. HPOS Org Site Admin + HPOS Org Fin Admin = User can add new payment instruction to a registered program e.g. GPTP, selecting from a list of existing bank accounts recorded in HPOS. This attribute will be able to be used to update bank details once they have been added for GPTP.

A PRODA Organisation Director/Owner or a person delegated Owner Access, or a person with Employee Management and HPOS Access can delegate the new Organisation Register attributes. The process to add banking details is as follows:
1. Log in to your PRODA account with your user name and password.
2. My linked services will display.
3. Go to HPOS tile and select ‘Go to Services’ button.
4. Choose an Organisation from the list displayed and continue.
5. Select the Organisation Green Tile.
6. Select the Associated Sites tab and Select relevant ID number for the Site that requires bank account details for GPTP.
7. Organisation Site Record will display in ‘amend’ mode.
8. Program Registration tab needs to be updated before bank detail can be added.
9. Select GPTP from the drop down and select add and then submit.
10. Select Bank details tab and select add.
11. Banking details will display and then select submit.

The following resources will assist you to complete the registration process:

Creating an organisation
Creating an organisation site record
Linking a subsidary organisation in PRODA to an organisation site record
PRODA attributes at a glance
Four step guide

You can contact Organisation Register Support on:
• Phone: 1800 222 032 (8am-5pm AEST)
• Email the Helpdesk:

Please note that further information about the registration process for practices is available through the General Practice Supervisors Australia website at https://gpsupervisorsaustralia.... Look for FAQs and a link to the webinar under Navigating Services Australia’s PRODA/HPOS Systems.

If you have any questions or need additional information on this request, please do not hesitate to contact