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Change to Targeted Psychological Therapies (TPT) providers in Ipswich and Lockyer Valley

November 10, 2020

Mind Australia and Act for Kids have now commenced delivering Targeted Psychological Therapies (TPT) in the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley regions.

New clients can be referred directly to Mind Australia and Act for Kids through refeRHEALTH.

  • Mind Australia will deliver services for people aged 18+.
  • Act for Kids will deliver services for people aged 0 – 17.

Therapy Pro will continue to deliver services in the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Somerset regions.
Referrals to TPT providers funded by the PHN need to be done through the refeRHEALTH portal before the patient’s first appointment.

Using the refeRHEALTH portal ensures the PHN can capture the vital minimum de-identified dataset required by the Department of Health to secure ongoing funding. The portal also ensures that patient consent is obtained in order for you to share de-identified data with the PHN.

If you require assistance with your referral or have not previously been registered for the refeRHEALTH portal, please call RHealth’s GP Support Help Line on 0491 201 296 or email RHealth can provide training on use of the portal. To sign up/login for refeRHEALTH, visit

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