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COVID-19: GP Alert (22 April 2021)

April 22, 2021

Adverse Events from Immunisation (AEFI) - Practice tips

Queensland Health have provided the following advice about consumers presenting to general practices who do not provide COVID-19 vaccine services. The following practical approach applies:

During the vaccination process, consumers are advised to seek appropriate medical help if they experience AEFIs. In many instances, that would be their usual GP. In a few instances it might be ED. Vaccine service providers do not provide follow-up care once the consumer has concluded the recommended period of observation, and do not have a role in the reporting of AEFIs that are identified outside the occasion of service. The clinician who assesses the patient, and who suspects an AEFI, must report it.

Please note: An AEFI is considered a serious, uncommon, or unexpected adverse event, and that in the current environment we are particularly requesting an AEFI report be submitted for any patient presenting within 30 days post vaccination with signs and symptoms of thrombosis.


In Professor Michael Kidd webinar last week Thursday a participant asked who was responsible for follow up and provision of a report if a patient who has received a vaccine experiences an adverse reaction. Professor Kidd advised that:

“It depends, obviously if there is an immediate adverse reaction, then that responsibility very clearly rests with the General Practice which has administered the vaccine. If someone presents later, then that will be the responsibility of the doctor that is treating them on the day.”

View the webinar here


Please ensure all vaccine information is entered timeously into AIR, particularly given the emphasis on monitoring adverse reactions and reporting adverse events.

Please also ensure all patients are provided with relevant vaccine information on the Vaccine Card and are reminded to carry this to any medical appointments (hospital or GP). Click here to see Information for after your AstraZeneca vaccine.

As you can appreciated this will facilitate reporting of adverse events by other health professionals.


Please review AIR before any other vaccines are administered to ensure a two week interval between COVID-19 vaccines and any other vaccine. Ensure all other vaccine information is timeously entered into AIR.

Anaphylaxis and CPR Guides for your treatment rooms

The PHN has also provided all practices with a laminated Anaphylaxis and CPR Guide for your treatment room. Please let us know if you would like any more of these for your treatment rooms by emailing