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COVID-19: GP Alert (28 August 2020)

August 28, 2020

Directions extend to the Gold Coast LGA

  • As a result of the two new cases in Pimpama, health care facilities in the Gold Coast local government area (LGA) will be subject to the following directions from 8 am tomorrow (Saturday 29 August):
  • The Gold Coast LGA will also be subject to the Movement and Gathering Direction, which restricts public gatherings and gatherings in home to 10 people, from 8am tomorrow.
  • Enhanced PPE requirements will also be in place from 8 am tomorrow for Queensland Health facilities and residential aged care and disability accommodation services. QAS will also extend its current PPE advice to include the Gold Coast LGA region. This mirrors the directions and recommendations which continue to apply to the Greater Brisbane area, resulting from the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre cluster.

Pandemic Response Guidance - Personal protective equipment in Residential Aged Care and Disability accommodation services

The Director General and Chief Health Officer has provided the 'Pandemic Response Guidance - Personal protective equipment in Residential Aged Care and Disability accommodation services' document. This document mirrors the general guidance released early this week for PPE however provides the advice within a residential aged care context.

Read the letter from the DG and CHO here.
View the Pandemic Response Guidance here.

Resources for entering Queensland for essential health care

Queensland Health have provided the following resources about entering Queensland for essential health care:

COVID-19 Mental Health Support for Health Professionals

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we must prioritise the health, safety, and wellbeing of our local health workforce.

Within our HealthPathways portals, we have collated COVID-19 resources and contacts that may help support you and your staff during this time. Please access these through your relevant HealthPathways below:

Darling Downs HealthPathways
Username: dduser
Password: ddpassword

West Moreton HealthPathways
Username: wmuser
Password: wmpassword

Reminder for your patients and staff

  • If you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 please get tested and stay at home until your test returns a negative result.
  • Regularly wash your hands and disinfect your phone.
  • Maintain physical distancing.

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affecting Health Care practitioners in the Darling Downs and West Moreton Regions: