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COVID-19: GP Alert (29 August 2020)

August 29, 2020

COVID-19 Directions are being extended to Toowoomba LGA

From 08:00 on Monday 31 August 2020:


We understand the Toowoomba LGA is now deemed a 'moderate risk', under the Pandemic Response Guidance on PPE in Healthcare Delivery. This guidance applies to all Queensland Health facilities and is also recommended (not mandatory) for all other healthcare providers (e.g. general practice, private hospitals, community care etc.). For 'moderate risk' areas the guidance indicates:

  • Universal masking (with flat surgical mask) of all patients, visitors and staff at health care facilities.
  • Team members to wear surgical (flat) masks; eye protection if working in close quarters with consumers; and full PPE only when interacting with suspected COVID cases.

Enhanced PPE requirements will also be in place from 8am tomorrow for Queensland Health facilities and residential aged care and disability accommodation services. QAS will extend its current PPE advice to include the Toowoomba LGA region, which mirrors the directions which currently applies to the Greater Brisbane area.