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COVID-19: GP Alert (30 August 2020)

August 30, 2020

COVID-19 Directions are being extended to the Darling Downs

Early last week you would have received a letter from the Director General and Chief Health Officer attaching the “Pandemic Response Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Healthcare Delivery“ (the Guidance).

The letter advised that in application of the Guidance, the Chief Health Officer will determine which level of risk is applicable in each Hospital and Health Service (HHS), Local Government Area (LGA) or other specified geographic area. A decision on whether to follow the PPE protocols in the Guidance for health services will then sit with the responsible Chief Executive or equivalent for that entity.

At the time of that letter, your geographic area was considered “low risk”. I am writing to advise that this risk rating has been modified, and from 0800 on Monday 31 August, the following Local Government Areas are reclassified to “Moderate risk”.

  • Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire
  • Goondiwindi Region
  • South Burnett Region
  • Southern Downs Region
  • Toowoomba Region
  • Western Downs Region

Moderate risk requires use of flat surgical masks in most clinical settings for staff, patients and visitors. The full version of the Guidance is attached again for your convenience and provides further detail.

This risk rating will remain in place for a minimum of four weeks and will be extended until there is clear containment of community transmission.

This communication is provided to you as guidance but does not reflect a mandatory directive. However, as the health systems responds, we are ensuring transparent communication of our risk assessment and approach.

Further information can be found at