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COVID-19: GP Alert (4 August 2020)

August 04, 2020

Public Health Alert no.17

Following the detection of recent cases in Queensland there has been a surge in testing demand. The primary focus of surveillance in Queensland at this time is testing symptomatic individuals and the contacts of confirmed or suspect cases. Testing asymptomatic people presenting to fever clinics is currently not encouraged.

Who should be tested?

  • Anyone with any of the following COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild:
    • fever or history of fever
    • sore throat, rhinorrhoea
    • cough, shortness of breath
    • acute fatigue/myalgia/arthralgia
    • loss of smell, loss of taste
  • People in quarantine, in accordance with current quarantine protocols. This is to ensure they are not infectious when they are released from quarantine.

Clinical judgement should be used in testing people presenting with unexplained symptoms of acute onset not included in the above list.

All people being tested should be advised to isolate themselves until their test results are available.

Read Public Health Alert no.17 here

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affecting Health Care practitioners in the Darling Downs and West Moreton Regions: