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COVID-19: GP Alert (6 November 2020)

November 06, 2020

REMINDER - Testing for COVID-19

Please continue to have a low threshold for testing for COVID-19 in anyone presenting with symptoms.

UPDATE - Border restrictions

Please update your triage questions following updates to border restrictions.

From 1.00am, 3 November 2020, changes to Queensland’s border restrictions came into effect to coincide with Border Restrictions Direction (No. 17).

The following Public Health Directions have been updated:

Increased infectious gastroenteritis cases in West Moreton

West Moreton Health is currently seeing an increase in infectious gastroenteritis cases in the region. The West Moreton Public Health Unit (WMPHU) is now investigating 13 separate outbreaks of gastroenteritis, which are particularly affecting child care centres. The epidemiology of the outbreaks suggests a likely viral cause but this is unconfirmed as very few specimens have been collected.

Anyone who presents to a medical practitioner with symptoms that could be attributed to infectious gastroenteritis and is associated with any facility (e.g. childcare, school or residential care) should be provided with a stool sample pot and request form to collect a faeces sample for faeces PCR for bacteria, viruses and parasites. It is important the patient is encouraged to provide a sample for testing so outbreak control strategies can be tailored to the causative agent. This also ensures more serious infections (such as salmonella or campylobacter or other food-borne illnesses) can be detected and managed promptly.

Most notifiable gastrointestinal diseases will be notified by the pathology provider when they are identified, but also remember that any food or water-borne illness in a food handler or in two or more related cases (e.g. childcare, school or residential care) requires a telephone notification to the West Moreton Public Health Unit on 07 3818 4700.

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affecting Health Care practitioners in the Darling Downs and West Moreton Regions: