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Darling Downs Health August Update

August 09, 2019

Welcome to Dr Muhammad Waqas Fazal

Darling downs Health Service has recently welcomed a new gastroenterologist to their team. Dr Muhammad Waqas Fazal has moved from the Royal Adelaide Hospital to a consultant role located in Toowoomba.

He practices in all aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology and specialises in:

  • Pancreatobiliary medicine and pancreatobiliary endoscopy: which includes management and work up for benign and malignant biliary and pancreatic pathologies. He also performs ERCP, EUS and luminal stenting for advanced upper and lower GI cancers.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • GI consequences of cancer therapy:

Involving management of patients who have received chemo/radiotherapy or surgery as part of their cancer treatment, and now suffer upper or lower GI side effects.

(Common examples are patients with radiation proctitis, lower anterior resection syndrome, erratic bowel function post pelvic radiotherapy, oesophageal strictures post radiotherapy to chest).

Clinical Handover – Safe discharge, safe handover

Darling Downs Health Service has listened to your feedback on the importance of timely clinical handover on patient discharge. A clinical handover working group has identified the current barriers to prompt handover and is proactively addressing these issues.

Recent junior doctor education focussed on the patient safety implications of delayed clinical handover and a case-based approach was used to assist them to identify high priority patients for whom a telephone call to the GP would be imperative.

Year in Review

Darling Downs Health have released their year in review

Click here to view.