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Darling Downs HealthPathways Portal Upgrade

February 04, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Darling Downs Health Pathways portal is getting a new look to provide more user-friendly access.

The update will make it easier for Darling Downs GPs to deliver high quality care no matter whether accessing HealthPathways via mobile device or desktop computer.

You can trial the new look update now by clicking the new Try Mobile Friendly bar at the top of the portal page.

The update will be implemented site wide from 1 March 2021.

Existing users may be required to log back in to continue using HealthPathways.

The following login details are:

Darling Downs HealthPathways

username: dduser

password: ddpassword

HealthPathways is available for all GPs and health professionals in the region to help navigate better care for their patients.

It enables users to find consistent clinical advice and health providers to be found by referring GPs.

Help connect your patients to the care they need, learn more about HealthPathways here -

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