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Determinants of cancer screenings participation in Queensland: a scoping review

July 31, 2023

In July, an article written by members of the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN’s digital transformation, performance and evaluation team was published in the Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC).

The JPHC publishes peer-reviewed original research and systematic reviews and papers on improving performance that are relevant to its primary health care audience.

The review article provides an overview of the literature regarding the determinants of cancer screening participation among target groups in Queensland.


Cancer screening programmes for cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer have successfully reduced mortality rates among target groups. However, a large proportion of women and men are unscreened.

Methods: Electronic databases were searched for studies on determinants of cancer screening participation in Queensland. Retrieved studies were screened, and eligible articles were selected for data extraction. Both peer-reviewed and grey literature studies were included. The determinants of cancer screening participation were classified according to the I-Change model.

Results: Sixteen out of 75 articles were selected and analysed. Information factors, such as the lack of tailored strategies, determined cancer screening participation. Age, gender, cultural beliefs, fear and past experiences were the most reported predisposing factors to cancer screening participation. Lack of knowledge, misconceptions, low awareness, timely access to service, privacy and confidentiality were mainly reported awareness and motivation factors. Encouragement from health professionals, providing more information and interactions with communities would result in different effects on cancer screening participation among the target groups.

Discussion: The I-Change model is a valuable tool in mapping the current determinants of cancer screening participation programs. Further research may be needed to fully understand the barriers and facilitators of cancer screening programs.

Click here to read the full journal article or click here to find the article published in the Journal of Primary Health Care.