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Digital Health – Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility

January 31, 2023

Digital transformation continues to improve many aspects of our daily lives, including healthcare outcomes. Cyber-attacks can lead to loss or theft of sensitive health information, reputational damage, disruption to service delivery, financial risks, and loss of consumer confidence. Building a culture of cyber security and awareness is one way to help protect your medical practice. It’s important to consider educating your staff on fundamental security awareness, including what cyber threats are – such as phishing, business email compromise and ransomware attacks – and how to prevent them. Recognise that a cyber-attack can happen and that you should be prepared. Develop a cyber incident response plan and practise this plan with your staff.

To support practices and their staff in building cyber awareness, the Australian Digital Health Agency has recently updated our free eLearning Digital Health Security Awareness course, which can be accessed here.

To learn more about My Health Record security and privacy features complete the free eLearning course My Health Record Security, Privacy and Access