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Digital health tools are good for you

September 29, 2023

Adopting digital health tools enables our health care providers to access the right health information in the right place at the right time. Following a presentation by the Digital Health Agency, our Community Advisory Committee advised that a communication campaign on digital health tools would be beneficial.

Managing your health through the use of digital tools makes a lot of sense.

Electronic prescriptions and an Active Script List are safe and easy for you and your health providers. The my health app also provides convenient access to your health records from your mobile phone.

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions—also known as eScripts—replace the need for paper prescriptions. Your doctor sends an SMS or email to your mobile phone that links to a ‘token’ which contains your prescription.

When you present the token to your pharmacist, they will scan your phone and then dispense your prescription. It’s that easy.

You can also forward your token to someone else to collect the medicine of your behalf.

If you have repeats on your prescription, your pharmacy will send you a new token by SMS or email when required.

If you accidentally lose or delete your eScript, you can ask your doctor to resend it. Or if it’s a repeat, your pharmacy can resend it.

Active Script List

An Active Script List holds all your electronic prescriptions and repeats in one place online. Your pharmacist can directly access your Active Script List so you don’t need to keep track of prescription tokens on your phone.

Over 85% of Australian pharmacies have access to Active Script Lists. To set up your list, just visit your pharmacy with your phone and 100 points of ID.

Once set up, your doctor can send electronic prescriptions straight to your Active Script List. Your pharmacy can then dispense your medicine to you or a person you have authorised.

To request removal of a pharmacy’s access to your Active Script List or to discontinue with Active Script List, email

my health app

Simply download the my health app on your phone to enjoy secure and convenient access to your health records whenever you need to.

Download on the App Store or Google Play Store by searching “my health gov”.

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