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Electronic Discharge Summaries in CDA format

July 20, 2022

Currently, Queensland Health delivers discharge summaries to clinics by post, fax and electronically into practice software. For a more efficient and rapid approach to patient care, Queensland Health is encouraging practices to sign up for electronic distribution of summaries in Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) format for an easier to read, more structured format.

Queensland Health is successfully sending discharge summaries in CDA format to practices that are using the following Practice Management System; Best Practice - LAVA edition or higher (includes Indigo), Genie - V8.8.6 or higher, Medical Director - V3.16b or higher, ZedMed - all versions and MMEx - V22.1.3.1.

All clinics and practices will need to be registered within the QH electronic distribution directory to be able to receive summaries in CDA format. To do so, please complete the Secure Transfer Service (STS) AddressBook Update Form. Once registered, please email with your practice software details, and you will be signed up for CDA testing.