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Exploring Quality In Primary care Dietetics

June 08, 2021

Quality improvement in health care has been a prominent topic for decades but has only recently begun to be explored in dietetics. Complexity science has been applied by researchers and professionals alike, to better understand and address the challenge of quality in health care. Rules drive behaviour in a complex adaptive system, but these rules are often unspoken and conflicting among individuals within the system. The Institute of Medicine has proposed ten statements (or “rules”) to describe the goals a health system should aim to achieve. This study applies those ten statements to the primary care dietetic setting.

This research aims to explore and compare healthcare consumer and professional perspectives of ten statements describing system-level goals for primary care dietetics.

The 10-minute online survey contains ten statements (derived from ten statements proposed by the Institute of medicine) describing dietetic practice in an “ideal world”. The survey asks participants to indicate to what degree they agree with the statement and, in an ideal world, what practices they think should be included in the statement. For example, Statement 4 relates to patient access to safety and performance information about dietetic providers.

We have already surveyed 140 healthcare consumers and will compare survey results to understand where professionals’ and consumers’ views align and/or diverge. Numbers permitting, we will also investigate differences among healthcare professionals’ views. This will help us to better understand how to improve the system to meet the needs and wants of all involved.

Individuals who complete the survey go into the draw to win one of 4x $50 Coles Group gift cards.

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