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Going above and beyond for families

March 18, 2020

Supporting family is the top priority for Simone, Community Care Coordinator at Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement Co. Simone not only assists with coordinating prenatal and postnatal care for new mums, dads and their babies, she also runs the Early Years and Infancy Program funded by our PHN.

“Simply put, we engage with families who are having trouble. We work to build trust then help them overcome barriers that are preventing them from improving their family’s health and wellbeing,” Simone said.

Co-ordinating with parents and being responsive to their immediate needs is helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families thrive.

“We have been working with families to highlight the importance of getting all their health checks, immunisation’s, oral health checks and prenatal scans,” Simone said.

“We provide transport for mum and bub so they can get to these important appointments, we are currently transporting several families to playgroup of which we have an extensive waitlist for pickups.”

Overcoming transport barriers and educating parents about better health isn’t the only issues Simone and her colleagues are helping families with.

“We coordinate with some parents to have safe contact visits which helps them to spend more time with their children, this helps them reconnect and build a bond.”

The program is becoming popular with more families reaching out for support than ever before.

“There is a lot of work to do but it’s worth it when we see mum, dad and bub happy and positive about their future.”

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