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Heart Foundations new toolkit and CVD webinar

September 22, 2020

Heart Health Check Toolkit

The Heart Foundation will soon be launching a Heart Health Check Toolkit to support GPs, practice nurses and practice managers in their efforts to undertake Heart Health Checks. The toolkit is a one-stop shop for information, tools and resources to help practices implement Heart Health Checks in the simplest and most impactful way possible. Broad consultation was undertaken with many health professionals in the development of the toolkit. The toolkit will include templates, factsheets, posters, quality improvement activities and much more.

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Webinar: The future of CVD risk assessment

To celebrate World Heart Day this month, the Heart Foundation is partnering with the World Heart Federation to host a global clinical debate on the future of CVD risk assessment.

There is growing interest in the use of novel imaging techniques, clinical biomarkers and genetics to augment traditional CVD risk assessment. We will convene a panel of international and local experts to debate this topical question - should population-based CVD risk assessment models make way for individualised risk prediction techniques?

The webinar will be facilitated by our Chief Medical Advisor Prof Garry Jennings and include expert panellists: Prof Stephen Nicholls, Prof Gemma Figtree and one of the world’s most highly regarded experts in cardiovascular disease prevention and epidemiology, Prof Donald Lloyd-Jones from Northwestern University, Chicago.

The future of CVD risk assessment

Tuesday 29th September 8.30-9.30pm AEST | Live and recorded, free Zoom webinar

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