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Help reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease this Heart Week

April 26, 2022

Every four minutes, an Australian suffers a heart attack or stroke. As a health professional, you have the power to change the lives of at-risk people through simple, routine practices.

This Heart Week (2-8 May 2022), the Heart Foundation is raising awareness of the importance of Heart Health Checks. Identifying Australians for Heart Health Checks is the first step to managing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Risk factors include:

  • smoking
  • blood pressure
  • serum lipids
  • waist circumference and BMI
  • nutrition
  • physical activity level
  • alcohol intake.

Visit the Heart Foundation website to access the Heart Health Check Toolkit, which is full of helpful resources such as:

  • assessment and management templates
  • quality improvement tools
  • patient engagement resources.