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Kitchen Table Discussion of Queensland Health Website

March 13, 2020

The Queensland Department of Health is reviewing its web site and has requested Health Consumers Queensland (HCQ) to arrange Kitchen Table Discussions for consumers who have access to or need access to this website. This by extension includes the Darling Downs Health website and other similar websites. These discussions will be held for consumers during the first three weeks of March.

Expression of Interest are invited from consumers in the DDHA to take part in a Kitchen Table Discussion on this topic in Toowoomba. About ten consumers are required. The discussion will be held around the kitchen table at Scout Headquarters, 3 Victory Street, Toowoomba, commencing at 10.00 am. It will be preceded by a ‘meet and greet’ morning tea at 9.30 am. The tentative date yet to be confirmed is Tuesday, 17 March 2020.

Those who do take part and leave their addresses on the attendance sheet will receive a $60 gift card a few days later.

Anyone interested is invited to send an Expressions of Interest to Jim Madden by Tuesday, 10 March. Please indicate the suitability of 17 March for you or add alternative dates of preference.

Send your Expressions of Interest by email to or telephone Jim Madden at Tel: 4643 9515 or Mob: 0438 114 248. If he is unavailable, leave a message with your contact details.