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Living with COVID-19 GP Update - 15 December 2021

December 16, 2021

Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN are hosting a webinar series to provide important information and update to GPs and general practice staff about the transition to 'Living with COVID-19'.

The fourth webinar will provide GPs and practice managers an important update on:

  • Telehealth management of COVID positive patients.
  • Key practice tips, tricks and models to manage workloads.
  • The difference between regional, rural and remote and metro management of COVID positive patients.
  • Escalation points.
  • Questions.

Speaker: Dr Karen Aarons, a Victorian GP working within the Victorian health system who will provide her insights into managing patients with COVID-19 within the community. She has cared for over 500 COVID-19 positive patients via Telehealth since the beginning of the pandemic.


  • 2:00 - Public Health Unit
  • 6:00 - Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN
  • 10:00 - Dr Karen Aarons

Download draft COVID-19 Pathway