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Living with dementia during the holidays

December 16, 2019

As we prepare for the Christmas holidays, Dementia Australia has released the below help sheets to share with people living with dementia and their family members/carers.

  1. Help Sheet called “Tips for Holiday Cheer.” It has information about how to approach holiday traditions, and also reminds us that holidays can bring both joy and stress, so self-care at this time of year is very important.
  2. Help Sheet called “Tips to assist social engagement” to provide to anyone that might be spending time with loved ones with dementia over the holidays.
  3. Help Sheet about travelling with a person with dementia, in case people are travelling over the holidays.
  4. Help Sheet with info for friends and family, to provide to family members they might see over the holidays and who maybe haven’t seen loved ones with dementia in a while, and may not know much about dementia.
  5. Help Sheet with tips for friends.

For more information and resources please visit Dementia Australia's website HERE

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