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Making a Difference: Healthy Eating, Activity, Lifestyle (HEAL) Program

November 04, 2019

Our PHN is working with primary health care providers to support people who are living with chronic conditions.

This year, we realigned our chronic conditions programs to the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions. Following extensive consultation, new chronic conditions services funded by our PHN focus on providing early intervention, prevention and care coordination support for people living with eligible chronic conditions and/or risk factors.

One provider that is making a difference for people living with chronic conditions in the region is exercise physiologist, Steve Royle, who works to empower his clients to make healthier lifestyle choices.

The Healthy Eating, Activity, Lifestyle (HEAL) program is licensed and used by Exercise and Sport Science Australia and works to put clients in the driver’s seat so they can take control of their health.

Steve delivers the eight-week program in the Ipswich and Somerset regions to assist people living with chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. HEAL has a no-diet philosophy and focuses on what clients can do as opposed to what they can’t do.