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May is Lung Health Awareness Month

May is Lung Health Awareness Month

May 01, 2019

The Lung Foundation is asking for your support this month by sharing their Know, Plan, Act Campaign through newsletters, websites and social channels.

Lung disease affects almost 1 in 3 Australians and is responsible for 1 in 7 deaths, however many people tend to ignore the signs and symptoms, often not doing anything about it for far too long.

Whilst many people may not think it, breathlessness is not a normal sign of ageing. Likewise, a persistent or changed cough shouldn’t be put down to the flu or a cold. These symptoms may seem mild but they could be a sign of lung disease, such as lung cancer or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

May marks Lung Health Awareness Month and Lung Foundation Australia is urging all Australians to know the symptoms of lung disease, plan a doctor’s visit and act today. It’s time Australians start thinking about their lung health in the same way they would their heart, skin and breast health. Most of us know the signs of a stroke or heart disease and we know the importance of self-checks for our breast and prostate health. When it comes to lung disease, getting an early diagnosis is critical to improving outcomes and saving lives.

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