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MBS Claiming For The National Cervical Screening Program

July 06, 2019

The National cervical screening program has received a number of enquiries regarding billing for women who present for a follow up of a prior Intermediate Risk cervical screening test result.

Women who are due to have a 12 month follow-up test are sent communications by the NCSR nine months following the original screen date.

Please note that 12 month follow up HPV tests are supported by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) by claiming MBS item number 73072.

Unlike item number 73070, which is intended for primary screening of asymptomatic women, MBS Item number 73072 does not have a time restrictor and can therefore be performed at any time after the date of the original cervical screening test and be eligible for an MBS rebate.

Clinical experts have advised the NCSP that a minimum of nine months should separate the follow-up test from the initial screening test.

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