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Mental Health Stepped Care: New services available for your patients

October 03, 2019

Low Intensity
Update to existing service
Eligibility for the NewAccess Program has been extended to include individuals aged 16 and over.

Psychosocial Support
New service
Psychosocial Support offers peer support for people who are diagnosed with a severe and complex mental health condition who are currently being managed in the primary care setting via a GP and/or psychiatrist. People who are eligible will receive psychosocial services through a range of non-clinical supports which will be provided one-on-one or in a group setting. These services compliment Mental Health Nurse Care.

Mental Health Nurse Care
Update to existing service
Mental Health Nurse Care is now being delivered by HealthWISE in the Southern Downs, South Burnett and Cherbourg LGAs. Mi-Mind Centre and Our House Our Haven will continue to deliver this service in their existing LGAs.

Suicide Prevention
New service
New services have been commissioned to provide person-centred follow-up care to individuals who have self-harmed or attempted suicide. This includes Beyond Blue's The Way Back Support Service, for individuals following a suicide attempt or identified as experiencing a suicidal crisis (piloted in Toowoomba and Ipswich).

Child and Youth
New services
Child and Youth Mental Health Services are designed for children and young people with, or at risk of, developing mental health conditions and are aimed to increase access to evidence-based early intervention services to reduce the prevalence and impact of mental health conditions. These services are for children and young people up to 25 years of age (primarily the 12 - 25 age bracket).

  • Severe and Complex Services provide non-clinical care coordination to support the young person, complementary to clinical therapeutic interventions, GPs, paediatricians and psychiatrists.
  • Complex Psychological Therapies are delivered in tandem with the Child and Youth Services. These services are designed to complement MBS Better Access psychology services funded by Medicare, not be in place of these services.

Existing services
headspace will continue to provide mild to moderate support to young people aged 12 to 25 years with mental health, general health, drug, alcohol, education and employment issues.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Services
Update to existing services
Additional providers have been funded to provide culturally appropriate, mental health, social and emotional wellbeing services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including suicide prevention activities.

Making referrals through refeRHEALTH

All referrals to PHN-funded Targeted Psychological Therapies (TPT) and other mental health services requiring a GP referral, need to be made through our electronic referral system, refeRHEALTH. Using refeRHEALTH ensures patient consent has been provided to allow our PHN to capture the minimum de-identified dataset required by the Department of Health to ensure ongoing funding of these services.

refeRHEALTH also allows referrers to see the up-to-date list of available providers and services, estimated provider wait times, and track referrals including the number of sessions that have been utilised.

View our guide for referring patients through refeRHEALTH

Helpful resources

Mental Health Referral Pack
New inserts developed
Last year, general practices received Mental Health Referral Pack’s outlining available services under stepped care, eligibility requirements and referral pathways. New inserts reflecting changes and additions to available services are now being distributed across the region.

New inserts now available online
The referral pack inserts are also available on our website and will be updated when needed.

Visit our mental health page

Interactive Services Map
Our Mental Health Interactive Service Maps allows you to search available PHN-funded mental health services in your LGA.

Visit the service map

Download and print this update