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Motivating men to improve their lifestyle

September 24, 2019

A new pilot program for men at risk of/or currently managing a chronic disease is coming to the Ipswich region. Through the My Health for Life program local exercise physiologist, Steve Royle, is running a mens only group program to motivate men to move past barriers that stand in the way of them making healthy lifestyle choices.

“It’s a completely different approach, focusing on what you are good at to help get you healthy and improve your physical and mental wellbeing” says Steve.

The six-month program looks at tackling lifestyle choices in small manageable steps which participants are comfortable with.

“You’re not joining a club or following a specific diet or gym style program. This is about your goals and working closely with what you can do rather than what you can’t do” says Steve.

The first session is a one-on-one, personalized appointment which will tailor the program to your needs. From sessions two to six participants will work in a small group environment. The men’s pilot program will begin Thursday 24th October 2019 with referrals from health professionals now being accepted.

To refer your patient, fill out the MH4L referral template link to MH4L referral template or call local facilitator (Ipswich – Steve Royle 07 3381 1835)

Persons could be eligible if:

  • they are over and have been identified by a health professional as being at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes (AUSD Risk score of ≥12), heart disease (absolute cardiovascular disease risk score of ≥15%) or stroke;
  • they identify as being of Aboriginal or Torre Strait Islander Ddescent aged 18 years or over;
  • they are living with a pre-existing condition that puts you at high risk for developing chronic disease (e.g. pre-diabetes, hypertension)

Patient eligibility can be found here

My Health For Life

My health for life is an integrated risk assessment and behaviour modification program that aims to identify people at high-risk of developing a chronic disease. Funded by the Queensland

Government and delivered by The Healthier Queensland Alliance, the program encourages and supports participants to achieve and maintain individually personalised healthy lifestyle goals.

Eligible Queenslanders will gain access to a free six month structured, evidenced-based program based on behaviour change principles. The program will be delivered by trained local health practitioners either by face-to-face group sessions or personalised telephone sessions with access to online activities and supports when required. Further details can be found at or call 13 Risk (13 74 75)

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