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My Health Record: The Medical record that travels with the patient

January 06, 2020

Healthcare providers that have incorporated the My Health Record (MHR) system into their business are saving time when having to transfer medical records between providers.

MHR is an online summary of a person’s individual health information. Through the MHR system, authorised healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care can securely access timely information about their patients.

When patients have a My Health Record their health information can be viewed securely online, from anywhere, at any time – even if they move or travel interstate.

The key benefits of the MHR system are:

  • Avoid adverse drug events
  • Enhanced patient self-management
  • Improvements in patient outcomes
  • Reduce time gathering information
  • Avoided duplication of services.

Healthcare providers are encouraged to be connected to MHR to make it easier to streamline their patients’ health information which may include:

  • shared health summaries
  • discharge summaries
  • prescription and dispense records
  • pathology
  • diagnostic imaging reports

Find more information about registration, privacy, security and policies HERE.

If your practice is not enrolled in My Health Record and receives a request for a medical record transfer you can find more information HERE.