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National Immunisation Program changes

July 09, 2020

From 1 July 2020, a number of changes to the National Immunisation Program coming into effect.

These changes are:

  • Introduction of meningococcal B vaccination and changes to meningococcal ACWY vaccination.
  • Hepatitis A vaccination schedule points for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in NT, Qld, SA and WA will change in consideration of the introduction of the meningococcal B vaccine.
  • Pneumococcal vaccination schedule will change to reflect the current best clinical evidence in preventing pneumococcal disease in adults and in people with conditions that increase their risk of disease.

To support awareness and implementation of the changes, the Australian Government has developed a suite of educational and promotional communication resources hosted on the Department of Health’s immunisation website.

Additionally, there are NIP (National Immunisation Program) clinical advice factsheets for providers, accompanied by correspondence from the Chief Medical Officer are being mailed to all General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services Australia-wide. The supporting consumer resources mentioned in this correspondence is available to download or order through the Department of Health’s immunisation website.

To find specific information for the new Queensland Immunisation Schedule please go to NCIRS and select the Queensland Health link to the new Queensland children’s and adults' schedules.

To assist Vaccination providers an Immunisation catchup calculator has been developed by NCIS and will be made available to all Immunisation providers. You can find this calculator in the Australian Immunisation Handbook (Select the first option, Online catch-up calculator).

Our PHN is working with West Moreton and Darling Downs Public Health Units to conduct education as listed below. Please feel free to join one of the webinars. You will need a computer with speakers to hear the webinar and a microphone if you would like to ask questions.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook is available online or as a mobile app and has been updated to reflect the new vaccination schedule information.