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New Topbar apps available to Pen CS users

July 07, 2020

Our PHN has been working in close collaboration with Pen CS to develop our own Topbar apps that aim to assist our practices to identify eligible or at-risk patients at point of care and engage with them accordingly.

There are currently two (2) specific apps available for users in our region:

  • National Immunisation Program (NIP) 2020 Flu Vax Topbar app - It notifies the clinician at the point of engagement if their patient is eligible for the National Immunisation Program’s 2020 free influenza vaccination and doesn’t have an influenza vaccination recorded in the practice’s clinical software. These prompts are not exhaustive for all potentially eligible patients, but it does identify most patients without it becoming too complex.
  • COVID-19 At-Risk Patients Topbar app - These prompts are designed to assist clinicians to identify if the patient they are engaging with is at increased risk of poorer health outcomes should they contract COVID-19. The clinician can then have the appropriate discussions regarding infection prevention etc. Please note that these prompts are not exhaustive but aim to target key at-risk groups.

These apps were released to practices with a Pen CS license with Topbar installed in early June 2020.

Our PHN will be seeking to develop more Topbar apps and other quality improvement (QI) activities to assist our practices into the future.

If you have any questions or queries please contact: