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Pregnancy Care Guidelines Review Public Consultation Draft

June 08, 2020

The Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines: Pregnancy Care (Pregnancy Care Guidelines) provide evidence-based recommendations to support high quality, safe pregnancy care and contribute to improved outcomes for all mothers and babies. To ensure that the recommendations are current, an ongoing process for evaluation of the evidence is in progress. Stage 1 of the most recent review was completed in October 2017, with National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) approval on a range of recommendations provided in April 2019. This is the second round of topics being reviewed as part of Stage 2 of the review.

This consultation is seeking feedback on the following topics:

• Nutrition;

• Nutritional supplements;

• Physical activity; and

• Weight assessment and monitoring.

The consultation period closes at 11:59 pm on 17 July 2020.

Any queries can be directed to the Secretariat for the review via email at Alternatively you may phone Samantha Diplock on (02) 6289 8987 or Anita Soar on (02) 6289 8973.

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