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Project ECHO announces expansion of their networks on offer in 2023

January 24, 2023

Children’s Health Queensland’s Integrated Care team recently obtained funding through the Connected Community Pathways program to expand the number and reach of child and youth focused ECHO networks throughout Queensland.

The objective of this funding is to improve timely access to care, delivered as close to home as possible, out of hospital if appropriate, and through partnerships with primary care and community providers. Improving outcomes for our First Nations population is key.

As a result, there will be increased opportunities for General Practitioners and their practice teams to gain and share knowledge in a variety of ECHO networks, including:

  • Paediatric Eating Disorders (Gold Coast Region)
  • Mind Body Symptoms: FSS Explained
  • Gender Medicine for Medical Prescribers
  • Rethinking the Crying Baby
  • Paediatric Disability including NDIS access, and more.

Visit the ECHO website to view the 2023 schedule and to register your interest.