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Provider Profile: Meet Lynne from AH Diabetes

July 26, 2019

National Diabetes Week is held annually in July to promote awareness and detection of diabetes.

We took the opportunity to sit down with Lynne McCleary, Director of Allied Health at AH Diabetes to discuss their six-week healthy living on a budget program which is funded by the PHN.

Can you tell me about your role within the community?

We provide education for all different sorts of community groups to raise awareness and build the knowledge of symptoms, treatments and management of Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes.

The main message we are trying to get across is if people are noticing differences in their thirst, toilet trips, tiredness or are suddenly losing weight. Any one of these symptoms can be a risk factor for diabetes. They should have a glucose check which can be done at your GP.

Are you working on any exciting initiatives?

We are currently working with the PHN to host educational workshops for nurses in the Darling Downs and West Moreton region. The idea is to provide the same level of information and systems to nurses so they can detect, monitor and treat diabetes the same way. As many practices have different ways of managing people with diabetes, we will be working with these nurses to streamline the management techniques, so patients will receive the same level of care and information no matter what practice they go to.

Can you tell me a little more about your 6-week healthy living on a budget program?

It’s a program I hold pretty close to my heart. This program is a preventative program for chronic disease, not just diabetes, but any chronic condition that may be linked to obesity or malnutrition. The program is a six-week program that runs for two hours every week and we cover things like setting goals for motivation, healthy eating plans, cooking classes and we even get out and go supermarket shopping.

A great example of some of the teachings in the workshop is, I timed myself stopping in to get chicken and chips for the family. Then I timed myself making steak and salad as I already had all the ingredients at home. The amount of time it took for me to pull into the supermarket grab the chicken then go to shop to order chips took longer as oppose to whipping up a healthy home cooked meal.

The 6-week program is funded by the PHN and is designed to empower participants with the knowledge to whip up a healthy meal when living on a tight budget.

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