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Public Health Alert: Hepatitis A - Ipswich/West Moreton area

May 11, 2020

Seven cases of hepatitis A have now been identified in the Ipswich area since early April 2020.

To prevent further spread, vaccinations for hepatitis A have been provided to a child care centre and two schools in the Goodna-Redbank Plains area.

Please print and/or distribute this alert to all of your GPs.

View the West Moreton Public Health Alert

Requested actions:

  • Please consider the diagnosis if hepatitis A in any patient with a clinically compatible illness
  • Test: LFT’s and serology for hepatitis A (IgM and IgG/total antibody) should be requested.

Thank you for your help in identifying any further cases. As hepatitis A can have a long incubation period (up to 50 days) and symptoms can be very mild in young children, it would be worthwhile having a heightened awareness of symptoms in your patients over the next couple of months.

For all enquiries contact the West Moreton Public Health Unit p: 07 3818 4700