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Queensland Children’s Hospital specialist referral forms updated

May 02, 2019

Please note that the Queensland Children’s Hospital specialist referral forms have undergone a major update, as part of the implementation of Paediatric Statewide Referral Criteria (SRC). Updates are now available for the Best Practice, Medical Director and PDF versions of the Template.

Please update your Practice Software as detailed below.

This is the biggest change to QCH referral templates since the hospital opened, and must be done in order to ensure that your future patient referrals are correctly processed at QCH. The updated referral form now automatically extracts more information to ease data entry for you, including contact details, ATSI status, Observations and more. Genie and Zedmed versions will be released at a later date, and a further update will be sent at that time for those users.

The following up to date templates can be downloaded to your medical practice software and transmitted electronically via Medical Objects, Health Link or other secure email networks; printed; faxed or mailed.

Please ensure you read the importing instructions before installing these templates.

The following templates are customised for Practice Management Software:

Note: These templates must not be opened prior to importing to practice software, as the automatic field functions will then become inoperable.

General practitioners, paediatricians and other referrers unable to use the above templates should use the following form for all referrals to the Queensland Children’s Hospital:

The eligibility requirements and clinical prioritisation criteria should be reviewed before referring your patient.

Outpatient referral criteria are changing

General practitioners are advised that from Wednesday, 1 May 2019 the way that Children's Health Queensland will accept referrals to the Queensland Children's Hospital will change.

From this date, Paediatric Statewide Referral Criteria (SRC) will be used to standardise referrals, triage and categorisation.

The implementation of SRC is occurring across Queensland to ensure consistency of practice and efficiency in referral processing. For more information, refer to the information sheet.

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