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Referrals to PHN-Funded Mental Health Providers

September 24, 2019

General practitioners and health professionals referring their patients to PHN-funded Primary Mental Health Care providers are reminded that referrals are now being completed through the online e-referral system, refeRHEALTH.

RHEALTH has been contracted to manage referrals and data collection through refeRHEALTH, which has been introduced to help with access to, and improve delivery of, mental health services funded by the PHN.

Benefits of refeRHEALTH

There are some great benefits to having access to refeRHEALTH as it provides a secure platform to send your referral directly to the provider of your choice. The system allows you to include with the referral your patient’s Mental Health Treatment Plan and other supporting documentation. Referrers and providers report that they find the system user friendly and easy to understand.

How to Refer

To refer a patient to a service, providers are required to set up a new login if they have not done so already.

  • To register as a first time user for referRHEALTH click click here
  • If you are an existing user of referRHEALTH you can access the portal click here

PHN Service Map

All Primary Mental Health Care services listed on our interactive services map have now been updated with links to refeRHEALTH.


RHEALTH is available to provide support for you and your practice team should you have any queries about refeRHEALTH.

Phone: 07 4638 1377

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