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Safer Baby Bundle Clinician Survey

February 24, 2020

Clinical Excellence Queensland and the Stillbirth Centre Research Excellence are seeking obstetricians, midwives, registrars, nurses, residents, GPs, students to take part in a Survey to support improvements in maternity care and outcomes for women and their babies.

The survey can be completed on any device and take approximately 20 minutes.

What is this survey about?

You are being invited to take part in a survey because you are currently a healthcare professional providing maternity care for women in Australia. This survey is being conducted by the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth (Stillbirth CRE) in partnership with Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health. The Stillbirth CRE program focuses on priority areas to address stillbirth which were identified through consultation with clinicians and parents. The priority evidence practice gaps that were identified have been included in a bundle of care, the Safer Baby Bundle (SBB), for implementation nationally. The SBB is modelled on the UK Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle which was recently implemented across UK hospitals by the NHS. This survey will help us better understand the impact that the SBB will have on your own practice and your maternity service.

What is my information used for?

Your responses will help us evaluate how antenatal care is delivered before and after the implementation of the SBB and will then be used to improve antenatal care across the country.

The information you provide is completely confidential. We do not ask you to provide your name or any other contact details. Access to survey information will be limited to members of the research team. Once the study has finished we will store your anonymous answers for 7 years in line with ethical requirements.

Take the survey