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Standby Support After Suicide Packs

August 11, 2020

StandBy – Support after Suicide is an Australian Government Initiative established in 2002 to meet the need for a coordinated community response to suicide.

In Australia, 3046 people took their own life in 2018 (ABS 2018). Research indicates that for every death through suicide 135 people are impacted and ten or more are significantly impacted. To support people bereaved by suicide, Standby has developed Support After Suicide Packs. These packs are available to offer guidance for individuals, families or communities impacted by suicide.

The packs contains information sheets including:

  • Grief after Suicide
  • Why is grief after suicide different?
  • Unwelcome intrusive thoughts
  • Witnessing a suicide
  • What happens now?
  • Unanswered questions
  • Supporting children and young people
  • Preparing children for the funeral
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Returning to work
  • The suicide note
  • Grief and depression, how are they different?
  • Managing social stigma after suicide
  • Living with grief
  • Grief reminders and what to do with them
  • Honouring anniversaries and other special occasions
  • Suggested books and information
  • National Services for Support

To order support packs please contact Susan Vaughan from Standby on 0408 474 937 or for more information and resources visit

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