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Summer Planning Toolkit

December 06, 2022

Importance of preparation for summer

As summer approaches, it is important to consider your practice’s preparedness for the warmer weather and end of year holiday period.

Extreme weather events, continued virus and disease management, staff shortages, increases in presenting patients and practice closures over the holiday period can all place additional strain on your practice team.

Planning ahead for summer is key in maintaining an efficient and healthy practice environment year-round.

The Summer Planning Toolkit highlights key priorities and principles of:

  • emergency preparedness and management
  • caring for vulnerable populations
  • heat management
  • chronic disease management
  • mental health
  • acute illness, including viruses
  • management and wellbeing of staff
  • GP support systems

Position statement on the impact of climate change on human health

The RACGP recognises climate change as a key public health issue and has published a position statement on the impact of climate change on human health.

Click here to access the Summer Planning Toolkit