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Supporting men to chart the course of retirement

March 31, 2022

Starting retirement can be an anxious time for some, as our lives change and adapt to an entirely new way lifestyle. For most people it is a positive new chapter in their lives, but for others, the lack of routine, the loss of friends or a partner, growing health concerns and feelings of isolation can encourage concerns about mental health.

Community not-for-profit TOMNET is making a difference in the lives of older men as they navigate this new journey. TOMNET provides access to essential support services across the Darling Downs region by organising weekly social gatherings, mentoring and volunteering opportunities.

TOMNET General Manager Louise Adcock works with community services to deliver the program helping older men to rediscover their purpose.

"The vision for the program is that the men build long-term connections within their communities. In an ideal world, they don’t need us for long and can maintain their networks independently,” said Ms Adcock.

The Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN provides funding to enable TOMNET to improve access across the Darling Downs.

“A lot of the men who come to us are very stoic and often don’t recognise that they need support. We start with where men are at with their issues, then get them involved in a peer support network where they build connections and find purpose in volunteering. It’s about improving the health and wellbeing of older men, and helping them remain connected and a valuable part of our community,” said Ms Adcock.

TOMNET also provide take home resources that encourage connection to community. The Retired Blokes’ Book is full of information to help manage retirement, stay connected and promotes a positive activities to age well.

For more information on TOMNET click here.