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Turning off ageing technology for Medicare Online

October 11, 2022

Services Australia have been removing access to Medicare Online (including Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Australian Immunisation Register) using ageing patient administration software from 4 October. ECLIPSE users and complex organisations such as jurisdictions and pathology providers, will not be impacted at this stage.

What this means for healthcare providers

Healthcare locations that use ageing patient administration software to submit claims or data using Medicare Online will have their access gradually removed over a 6-8 week period that started from 4 October or earlier as requested by their software developer.

Alternative claiming channels

Alternative claiming channels include Health Professional Online Services. Healthcare providers can visit Services Australia website and search ‘Online options for health professionals’ to find out how to use these services.

Next steps

Talk to your software developer as soon as possible about upgrading or register for HPOS to continue digital claiming. Your software developer will also tell you if you need a PRODA Organisation account.

If your software is not upgraded, you will need to use alternative claiming channels, such as Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). Go to the Services Australia website and search for ‘online options for health professionals’ to find out more about this channel.


If you require further assistance from Services Australia, please contact eBusiness Service Centre on 1800 700 199, Option 2, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (AEST).